Control Gel Intro Kit

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Ideal for nail techs who want to master the basics of Control Gel. Includes: • (1) Control Gel Tube Clear 56g/2 oz • (1) Control Gel Solution 147 mL/5 oz • (1) ibd Spatula • (1) Instructional Guide

How to Use

A Brief Tutorial on How to Use & Apply Control Gel Control Gel is a pro-hybrid that combines the advantages of hard gels and acrylics into four quick-and-easy steps that give you complete control over the application process. Step 1: Control Dispensing. You can quickly and easily squeeze the ready-to-use, premixed formula from the tube. That means no mixing and no odors. Simply squeeze and cut using the ibd Spatula. Step 2: Control Application. Apply the stay-put formula to the nail. Then, pat and shape into place. It’ll only move when you need it to be moved. Step 3: Control Leveling. The formula is only slightly self-leveling, which means it helps you get control of difficult areas. Step 4: Control Complexity. Say goodbye to racing against the clock before a solution sets. Control Gel cures on command—when and only when you’re ready.Once you’ve achieved the desired look, cure under LED for 1 minute and 2 minutes UV. Finish by sealing with ibd Intense Seal. For full step by step instructions, click here.

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